Sirca Coatings: Formaldehyde-free Finishes Made to Last

At Maple Valley Cabinets, we use long-lasting, high-quality products.

And our finishes are no exception.

Italian-made, Sirca polyurethane is formaldehyde-free plus chemical and water-resistant.

We use clear, pigmented, and acrylic Sirca finishes—mixed and applied by hand.

Read on as we cover why Sirca coatings are our first choice for your cabinetry and furnishings.

1. Durability

Not only are Sirca coatings formaldehyde-free, but they’re also durable.

Sirca holds to our heirloom furniture policy, meaning their polyurethane and paints will protect your furnishings for more than a lifetime.

Since Sirca’s paints and polyurethane are oil-based—also called solvent-based—they’re liquid-resistant.

Plus, with zero formaldehyde, Sirca polyurethane emits a low odor compared to most conversion varnish blends.

Providing more coverage and less smell, Sirca coatings hold up to chemicals and water.

2. Flexibility

We use Sirca finishes for all our cabinetry and furnishings.

But no worries. One brand doesn’t limit your options.

You can keep long-lasting Sirca quality plus color-match your cabinets with current furnishings.

Our finish company matches countless color palettes from Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore—if you provide a paint color and code.

Although we mainly use a satin finish, all our paints and polyurethane come in 10, 20, 30, and 40-sheen options.

This means you don’t have to compromise on color or shine for our coatings.

Aside from our paint options, we use a sheet of clear 2k polyurethane on top of stain or as a clear coat.

Similarly, we use clear 2k acrylic polyurethane for a clear finish. But unlike our clear polyurethane, the clear acrylic polyurethane doesn’t yellow with age.

Both clear and acrylic finishes add a layer of protection while beautifully displaying your cabinets’ wood grain.

On the other hand, our paint provides solid-colored coverage.

Whether you want the wood grain exposed or hidden, with Sirca’s options, we’ve got you covered.

3. Hand-mixed. Hand-applied

For each order of Sirca polyurethane, we mix in Sirca hardener to get the perfect coating for your cabinetry.

Our paint coatings completely hide wood grain and create a smooth finish.

We use maple wood for all painted furnishings, applying two layers of primer first, then one topcoat.

To preserve the natural feel and look of wood cabinets, we use one coat of sealer, then one topcoat for acrylic and clear polyurethane.

Every layer of sealer, primer, topcoat, and polyurethane is sprayed on by hand.

Layers dry for up to 45 minutes before applying another coat to ensure a polished result.

Hand-mixed and hand-applied, Sirca blends help retain the beauty of our handmade furnishings for years to come.

See the Sirca-difference up close!

Now that you understand the Sirca-difference, don’t wait to invest in cabinets and furnishings that shine.

Hand-applied, flexible, and durable, we stand behind our Sirca coatings. And when you receive that timeless finish, we know you will too.

Call Maple Valley Cabinets today at (231) 928-1127, and we'll start working on your dream cabinetry together!

“Absolutely love our cabinets and the craftsmanship that went in to making them.”


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