Rev-A-Shelf, Richelieu, and Berenson: How the Right Cabinet Hardware Adds Style to Your Home

Adding the finishing touch to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets means finding the right accent pieces.

And finding the right accent pieces means investing in cabinet hardware you can trust.

At Maple Valley Cabinets, we provide the cabinet hardware options you need to complete your home (and impress your guests).

Designed for your kitchen, bath, laundry room, and beyond, let’s discuss the advantages that Rev-A-Shelf, Richelieu, and Berenson cabinet hardware bring to your home.

Rev-A-Shelf Cabinet Accessories

Rev-A-Shelf combines the best of cabinetry and accessories.

They supply Blind Corner Accessories, Base Cabinet Accessories, and Lazy Susans.

Plus, in each category, Rev-A-Shelf’s products are made to optimize your space.

Rev-A-Shelf Blind Corner Accessories

For instance, within Blind Corner Accessories, you can find Optimizers and Half Moon shelves.

These two accessories add more shelving space to your cabinet, while remaining discreet.

Cabinet optimizers come in two-tiered setups, which give easy access to hard-to-reach corners.

Pots, pans, containers, or other kitchenware slide out with these mounted wire or solid-bottom shelves.

Think chrome or stainless floating shelves that you can move in and out of your cabinets.

Half Moon cabinet shelving takes up less space than optimizers, but still holds mixers, canned goods, ceramics, containers, spices, and more.

These shelves hold true to their name, styled like a circle cut in half.

Color options include white or almond polymer, maple and different sizes fit anywhere from 42” to 45” corner cabinets.

Rev-A-Shelf Base Cabinet Accessories

With Rev-A-Shelf, Base Cabinet Accessories include anything from Cookware Organizers to Mixer Lifts.

A quick rundown of all cabinet Base Accessories looks like:

If you need better cabinet storage options, Base Cabinet Accessories are the way to go.

Introducing organized pots and pans, baking sheets, utensils, and other cookware for good!

Style options include Maple, Walnut, Chrome, and Steel in Gray or Orion Gray.

All accessories can fit both face frame and full access cabinets.

Plus, Rev-a-Shelf accessories can mount to cabinet floors, doors, side walls, floor and side walls, and even between cabinets.

Choose from spice drawers, trash bag holders, swing out pantries, container organizers, and countless other options for your cabinets!

Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Susans

Despite the name, Lazy Susans are quite industrious.

Rev-A-Shelf offers five variations for all your cabinet storage needs—D-Shape, Pie Shape, Full Circle, Half Moon, and Kidney Shaped shelves.

The names are self-explanatory, and these swivel shelves come in white and almond polymer, Maple, Chrome, and Gray or Orion Gray Steel.

Once again, these Lazy Susan cabinet shelves provide flexible storage options for food items, pots and pans, spices, and so much more.

Richelieu Hardware

Here’s another “R” manufacturer—Richelieu!

But unlike Rev-A-Shelf, Richelieu provides handles and slides for kitchen or bathroom doors and drawers.

Richelieu Knobs and Pulls

Modern, traditional, transitional, eclectic, and functional are all words that describe cabinet hardware styles Richelieu can bring to your home.

Richelieu cabinet knobs and pulls come in eight color groups:

  • Gray and Chrome
  • Black
  • Brown and Bronze
  • White
  • Clear
  • Yellow and Brass
  • Red, Rose, and Rust
  • And Green, Blue, and Beige

Browse through a variety of cabinet handles to find the ones that fit your style.

Richelieu Drawer Slides

Slides from Richelieu fit under, on the side, or the middle of cabinet drawers.

Concealed Slides are hidden from sight and can come with a soft-closing feature.

Ball Bearing Slides are centered on the sides of the drawer and also have optional soft-close.

Standard slides fit the bottom corners of a drawer, and like Ball Bearing Slides, are visible on either side.

Specialty Slides work as Flipper Door Slides or for specific cabinet accessories like cutting boards, pantries, keyboard drawers, and more.

Berenson Handles and Knobs

Unlike Rev-A-Shelf or Richelieu, Berenson focuses completely on handles and knobs.

Driven by the latest styles, Berenson's cabinet hardware provides what consumers are looking for currently.

Whether you’re into traditional or contemporary cabinet designs, Berenson has it all.

Berenson’s three main lines are Advantage Plus by Berenson, Berenson Hardware, and R. Christensen by Berenson.

Advantage Plus by Berenson

Advantage Plus lets you choose between sharp or smooth contemporary cabinet handles. Or pick Traditional Advantage pulls to add more character to your cabinets or drawers.

Berenson Hardware

Berenson Hardware offers another four lines—Classic Comfort, Uptown Appeal, Timeless Charm, and Artisan Inspired cabinet handles.

Classic Comfort brings transitional style, like oil rubbed bronze and other classic finishes to cabinets.

Uptown Appeal gives cabinets a minimalistic, straightforward look. Handle coatings include brushed nickel, matte black, brushed gold, and more.

Timeless Charm promises farmhouse and other traditional cabinet trends that have been loved throughout the centuries.

Artisan Inspired cabinet hardware lives up to its name. These handles and knobs include etching or geometric lines plus smooth or weathered finishes.

R. Christensen by Berenson

R. Christensen by Berenson zooms in on an Art Tech Series.

Art Tech splits into 16 smaller lines, including Fluid and Mini to name two.

Fluid holds to its name and boasts smooth cabinet and drawer handles that truly look like they’re flowing.

The Mini Collection incorporates small round or square cabinet knobs in matte black, charcoal gray, soft gold, honey gold, polished chrome, and brushed nickel finishes.

Other collections involve Wave, Spiral, Square, and other artsy options.

Choose Your Accent Pieces

When it comes to decorating, accent pieces are designed to make your house a home.

We incorporate Rev-A-Shelf, Richelieu, and Berenson products into our cabinetry, so you can take your home to the next level.

Browse through the wonderful cabinet hardware brands we offer and find the final accessories for your cabinets' doors, drawers, and more.

Need help deciding? Contact us today at (231) 928-1127, and let us help you find the perfect accent pieces for your cabinetry!

“Absolutely love our cabinets and the craftsmanship that went in to making them.”


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